The sand drifts (beeswax and oil paint)

About Anna Donald

Anna Donald PhD, University of Western Australia. Landscape and Literature.
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2 Responses to The sand drifts (beeswax and oil paint)

  1. Van ikin says:

    Lovely, lovely colours – a very relaxing image indeed. On first sight it made me think of water over coral (probably because of the blue) but when I took note of the title I can see sand-drifts as I’ve experienced them (with bits of scrub and tussocky grass, etc). Whilst i like the strong vibrant colours in some of your recent landscapes, these softer-gentler tones really struck a chord….

  2. Anna Donald says:

    Thanks Van, I’m trying to get away from all those bright colours…a softer palette. Thanks too for ‘re-cycled card’ comment. Not sure how these replies reach you…until you log on next time I guess. The weird world of internet.

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