About Anna Donald

Anna Donald PhD, University of Western Australia. Landscape and Literature.
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2 Responses to Tragedy.

  1. Van Ikin says:

    It’s magnificent (in a very, very sobering way). The “gap” in the middle takes your gaze (and your imagination) more deeply into the fireground so that there’s a sense of being drawn right into the heart/heat of the blaze. Remarkably powerful! The only thing is that you probably ought to put a date somewhere on this, as I fear you’ll be able to produce a fire-painting annually for a long time to come, as we sit in our burning beds (to misquote Peter Garret). But you really should feel extra-proud of this one.

  2. Anna Donald says:

    Thanks Van, lovely comments as ever. Really appreciate your support. Good on you and Peter G. Hope everyone is well at your place.

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