Run that beach!

About Anna Donald

Anna Donald PhD, University of Western Australia. Landscape and Literature.
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2 Responses to Run that beach!

  1. Van ikin says:

    These are lovely, especially the beach-scenes. I do feel the power-passion of the huge darker waves, but I find myself relaxing more into the beach-scenes. Particularly the rock pool, as I was always a bit of a rockpool-seeker whenever I went to the beach as a youngster. (Some of those rockpools contained small fish, and most of them would have tiny shelled creatures that would actually move around if not disturbed – it was like a mini-world.) And the way you capture the “wave-froth” effect is great, even though I know it’s just paint it seems so realistic! These are very “liberating” paintings in their way!

  2. Anna Donald says:

    Gosh Van, you never fail to write something inspiring for me. I liked reading the anecdote of you as a kid and your observations. I could see you crouched there by the pool, quietly intent. Lovely.

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