wraiths series 2.

About Anna Donald

Anna Donald PhD, University of Western Australia. Landscape and Literature.
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2 Responses to Wraith

  1. Van Ikin says:

    Eerie – but in a moving, haunting way. This really “grabbed” me: I can’t tell if the figure is “emerging” as it were (ie, trying to enter our world) or “departing” (stepping back into another realm). The eerie thing is that I somehow feel she (the figure) is doing the choosing – she is not being summoned or thrust away, she is in control. (I know that this just proves that I’ve been reading too much science fiction – but that’s how it works for me….)
    – Van

  2. myviridian says:

    Hello Van, still trying to get the hang of this ipad thingy. Thanks for your comment, means a lot. I like your interpretation of wraith. Spot on as ever, Prof.

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